Date Update

This event is now a one day event with all divisions occurring on Saturday.

This event is also being held in the Coliseum and not Building G.

Doors will open on Saturday at 07:30 AM

Doors will open on Sunday at 07:30 AM

Ector County Coliseum
4201 Andrews Hwy , Odessa, Texas, United States.

1 DAY(S)

Registration Prices

ENDS July 25, 2022 @ 11:59 PM
1 Division: $75.00 (Includes Free Shirt)
ENDS August 1, 2022 @ 11:59 PM
1 Division: $95.00
ENDS August 8, 2022 @ 11:59 PM
1 Division: $115.00

Spectator Tickets

One day purchased during Registration $10.00
Two day purchased during Registration $15.00
One day purchased at the door $15.00
Two day purchased at the door $20.00

Tournament Details

To better enjoy your tournament experience, please review the documents and important dates listed below.

Tiny Kids (4-5) compete for 1/2 price, and Black belts compete for free at this tournament. Please register like normal.

Downloadable Files

General Rules and Competition Guidelines
 Download (PDF)

Allowed Techniques Rulecard
 Download (PDF)

Important Dates

Monday, July 25th
Early Registration Ends at 11:59 PM

Monday, August 1st
Normal Registration Ends at 11:59 PM

Monday, August 8th
Late Registration Ends at 11:59 PM

Monday, August 8th
Competitor Correction Deadline at 11:59 PM

Tuesday, August 9th
Brackets Released by 4:00 PM

Wednesday, August 10th
Brackets Correction Deadline at 12:00 PM

Friday, August 12th
Schedule Released by 12:00 PM

Saturday, August 13th - Day 1
Doors open at 07:30 AM
Weigh Ins begin at 07:30 AM for Saturday competitors only

Sunday, August 14th - Day 2
Doors open at 07:30 AM
Weigh Ins begin at 07:30 AM for Sunday competitors only

Tournament Instructions

  • Arrive at the venue approximately 1 hour before your scheduled STAGING time. We often run ahead of schedule.
  • Please make sure you are compliant with the Hygiene and Uniform Guidelines (Page 18/19). You will have to pass by the uniform checker prior to being granted entry into the Pit.
  • Weigh in prior to reporting to STAGING for your uniform check. We typically will call your division 15 minutes prior to the posted STAGING time.
  • Kids can weigh in as soon as the doors open. Adults may weigh in as early as they like as long as there are no kids currently in line. For 2 day tournaments, adults must weigh in on their competition date.
  • Once you’ve cleared the uniform check, stand in the PIT line according to your mat number. You will wait here until a ring coordinator calls you.
  • Once you enter the PIT, you cannot leave unless given permission by the Pit Manager.
  • The STAGING time is not your competition time. The competition times are typically in 1 hour blocks and start 30 minutes after your STAGING time.