Frequently Asked Questions

When you arrive at the tournament, you can pick up your spectator tickets at the Check In table. Shirts can be picked up at the Store.
If you are an adult, and you are more than 1 lb over weight, you will be disqualified. If this is for a child (4-15), we will try our best to find a new division for you. However, there is no guarantee we will have a fair match available.
To make changes to your registration, log in on the AGF website. In the menu, click Request Changes.

You can change your weight, team name, and divisions that you are registered for. If you need something that is not available in this screen, type in your request in the comments section and submit the form.
If it is a 1 day event, Kids can start weighing in as soon as the door opens. Adults are welcome to weigh in at any time as long as there are no kids in line behind them. If it is a 2 day event, Kids will weigh in on Saturday, and Adults on Sunday.
While we do have a general No Refund policy, there are some situations that will qualify you for a refund. Please reply to your registration confirmation email with your request and reason for needing a refund.
There are typically a lot of different ways for us to make a match for a competitor. However, there are occasions where we couldn't create a fair/safe match up. In those scenarios, you are eligible for a refund. The best option is to contact us to see what options might be available.
This means you were added to an extra division to help us give another competitor a match. This is always a more challenging match, however it is one that should allow you to be competitive. Extra divisions are purely optional. If you do not wish to be in the extra division, let us know immediately so we can find a replacement. If you do want to compete in that division, the division without the 2 (or BONUS) is your original division, and that's the one you should prepare to compete in first. Once you are done with that division, report back to the Pit table and check in with the Pit Manager.
If the brackets have been released, then you were likely moved. This was done to ensure you have a match. Please note that all changes were done with fairness and safety in mind. For kids, the general rule of thumb is to: not go more than 10 lbs up in weight, no more than 1 experience level, and not more than 2 years of age. In most scenarios, it's only 1 of the 3 options. If we know the child (and their abilities), we may do a combination of the 3. We will mix genders to ensure matches for kids 12 and under. At 13+, we will only mix the genders by request.
No. In most cases, those divisions will be going on at the same time on different mats. Having you in multiple divisions, will cause those divisions to have to wait until your first division completes. However, there are exceptions to this rule. If a competitor at a more difficult level does not have a match, we may add you to that division. You will have a 2 next to your name for that division. We account for that when scheduling.
When the schedule is released, it will display your Mat Number and Pit Time. We typically will call competitors to the Staging table 15 minutes prior to their Pit Time. This allows us time to check competitors for Uniform and Hygiene requirements. Once this process is complete, you can expect to remain in the Pit for approximately 30 minutes. Each Pit Time is an hour window. So, you can expect to be called to your competition Mat within that hour. Example: 9:30 Pit Time. 9:15 Uniform and Hygiene check, 10:00 Called to the table to compete, 10:00 - 11:00 Competition window.
Yes. It cannot be a t-shirt. Please read the Uniform Requirements in the official AGF Rulebook.
Only if it doesn't restrict a submission that is legal for your division, and contains no hard plastic or metal.

We do everything in our power to ensure your child receives a consolation match. However, there are some situations that may arise that are completely out of our control that prevents us from providing those matches. If your child did not receive a consolation match, please reach out to the tournament organizer or Pit manager as quickly as possible at the event. They should be able to either resolve the issue, or give a possible explanation as to why it was not available.

Certain events, such as our Nationals and Worlds do not have consolation matches for kids divisions. These events are higher prestige events that run on a limited number of mats. This causes time constraints which do not allow for consolation matches to be run.