The Challenger divisions offer both kid and adult competitors an opportunity to participate in extra divisions and earn the coveted Challenger Medal. Kids and adults each have different criteria for participating in a Challenger division. Please read below to learn more about what the Challenger division is and how it applies to you or your child.

The Challenger medal replaces the standard Gold medal when awards are presented at the medal podium.

Due to limited supply, the round Challenger medal is only awarded once per tournament. If a competitor wins their second Challenger division, they will receive a standard Gold medal.

With the arrival of the new Challenger medals, competitors can earn two Challenger medals. The first Challenger division win will be awarded a Gold Challenger medal. If the competitor wins the second Challenger division, they will be awarded the Black Challenger medal.


White Belt Kids (6-15) will have their own Challenger division. This division will be separated by the 2023 AGF weight classes.. This means that a 6 year old White belt could potentially face a 15 year old White belt, but both will be in the same weight class.

Grey-Green Belt Kids (6-15) will compete in the same Challenger divisions. Each division is separated by the 2023 AGF weight classes.. This means that a 6 year old Grey belt could potentially face a 15 year old Green belt as long as they are both in the same weight division.

These divisions are intended to be more difficult and parents should be aware of the potential mismatches that could occur. These divisions are completely optional and are not recommended for less experienced competitors.


The Adult Challenger divisions are similar to Open Class / Absolute divisions. The major difference is that the weight classes are split into two weight classes.

The Challenger I division is for lighter competitors. The Challenger II division is for heavier competitors. Lighter competitors that are looking for a greater challenge or a traditional Open Class experience are welcome to join the Challenger II division.