As most of you know, we are always working hard to make improvements to our tournament. This year is no different. Here's what you can expect right now:


Starting with the 2021 season, all No Gi divisions will be Brazilian Jiu Jitsu belt rank.

While belt competitors with Pro MMA experience, collegiate wrestling experience, or currently hold a rank of Black belt in Judo must register as a blue belt.


All kids divisions are now separated by 2 years. The new divisions are as follows.

  • Tiny Kids (4 - 5 yrs)
  • Little Kids (6 - 7 yrs)
  • Kids (8 - 9 yrs)
  • Pre Teen (10 - 11 yrs)
  • Juniors (12 - 13 yrs)
  • Teen (14 - 15 yrs)


Coaches challenges are now available for all matches, not just finals matches.

Each academy is allowed 2 challenges per tournament day. Once they are used up, no more challenges will be allowed for that team.

  • At the beginning of each match, the referee will hand the coach representing each competitor a challenge bean bag that they can use at any time during the match. The coach simply has to throw the bag on the mats when they wish to make a challenge.
  • The referee will wait until there is a stop in the action and a position that is easy to reset.
  • Once that's done, the ref will speak with the coach and ask what the dispute is. The ref will inform the coach that another referee will be called over to view the evidence provided.
  • The challenging coach will need to collect whatever evidence they need to allow the 2nd referee to make a decision.
  • Once the referee arrives, he will start a timer for 3 minutes to review the provided evidence. After the 3 minutes expires, the ref will render their decision. This decision is final.
  • The scoreboard will be adjusted accordingly, and the match will resume if necessary.
  • Challenges that are lost will result in the challenging team losing an available challenge. If the challenge is won, then the challenging team will not lose an available challenge.