As most of you know, we are always working hard to make improvements to our tournament. This year is no different. Here's what you can expect right now:


We are excited to announce the new Execute division for our competitors that are 50+ years old. These divisions may still end up needing to be collapsed with younger divisions to ensure matches, however if an opportunity presents itself for our Executive competitors to have their own divisions, then we have you covered.


  • All Absolute Divisions will now renamed Challenger Divisions
  • Male weight classes will be split at 175 lbs (79.5 kgs) and under, and 175.1 lbs (79.6 kgs) and above.
  • Female weight classes will be split at 135 lbs (61.4 kg) and under and 135.1 lbs (61.5 kg) and above.
  • Lighter competitors who want the Open Class / Absolute experience are welcome to join the heavier weight class.
Additional details

Juvenile through Executive divisions will have a Challenger division split into the two weight classes.

Winners of the Challenger divisions will receive a special trophy instead of the standard Gold medal. If you were at Nationals, you may have seen the prototype sitting on the podium table.

Adult No Gi Pro Challenger Winners, and Black Belt Challenger Winners will earn their spot to compete at Nationals against other Pro/Black winners for an opportunity to compete at the European BJJ Championships in Amsterdam in 2021.

If the pool of Black Belt winners is low, we may allow Brown Belt winners the opportunity to compete in the finals at Nationals.


We tested out a new variation of the Absolute divisions for kids at the 2019 Nationals. Based upon the results of that tournament with the 142 kids that participated in it, and speaing with coaches and parents of their concerns, we have decided to continue forward with adding these divisions to all of our regular tournaments in 2020, However, there will be some changes to format to help address some potential safety concerns.

  • Kids mut be at least 7 years old to participate.
  • Kids must be at least a Grey belt in Gi, or Intermediate level in No Gi to participate.
  • Divisions will be broken up by Gender and the AGF weight classes for kids. So, this means that you could potentially have a large disparity in both Age and Experience levels in the division.

We will closely monitor these divisions to ensure safety is observed. Based upon the feedback from parents and coaches, we may tweak the format.

These divisions are available for parents and coaches who feel their kids(s) are able to step up to the challenge of facing someone older and more experienced. Parents are encouraged to speak with their instructors to determine if this division is right for their kid(s).


We are about to revolutionize the BJJ tournament industry by allowing coaches to instantly challenge referee calls or no calls for finals matches. Here's the details:

To help eliminate frivolous disputes, each academy is allowed 2 challenges per tournament day. Once they are used up, no more challenges will be allowed for that team.

  • A coach can only make a challenge on a Finals match for 1st place.
  • At the beginning of each match, the referee will hand the coach representing each competitor a challenge flag that they can use at any time during the match. The coach simply has to throw the flag on the mats when they wish to make a challenge.
  • The referee will wait until there is a stop in the action and a position that is easy to reset.
  • Once that's done, the ref will speak with the coach and ask what the dispute is. The ref will inform the coach that another referee will be called over to view the evidence provided.
  • The challenging coach will need to collect whatever evidence they need to allow the 2nd referee to make a decision.
  • Once the referee arrives, he will start a timer for 3 minutes to review the provided evidence. After the 3 minutes expires, the ref will render their decision. This decision is final.
  • The scoreboard will be adjusted accordingly, and the match will resume if necessary.


The 2020 medal design is something you've never seen before at a tournament. We spent a lot of time coming up with a truly killer medal that we know you'll want to earn.

The Team Trophies have also underwent a full makeover. These new trophies will look fantastic in your school's trophy case.

Challenger Division winners will also win their own unique award. The Challenger trophy will make you stand out on the medal podium.


Starting sometime early this year, we will start offerring official AGF ID Badges to our competitors. These badges are not required in 2020. However, they will be designed to help streamline the Check In, Store, Weigh Ins, and Staging processes.


New cities, new countries, and more things behind the scenes to make your tournament experience better.